Weekly Planner and Tracker for a Healthy Lifestyle


Kickstart your fitness journey with this easy and simple weekly planner. Track physical and mental health while building healthy habits for completely FREE!

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Get your life together and track your fitness progress with this weekly planner! Simply print and fill it out every week and track your progress with ease for completely FREE!

The Weekly Planner by Protone.fit is an easy to fill out planner that helps you track healthy habits, track your physical activity, diet intake, lifestyle habits, daily mood, and much more. With a simple and easy to understand design, anyone can get started with their fitness journey and start making the right changes. Thanks to a standard page size, it is perfect for printing on A4 or letter size pages to easily track your progress every week.

The Goal of a Weekly Planner

Our primary goal with this weekly planner is to help people achieve the following:

  1. Kickstart Fitness Journey: To help you stay focused and not feel lost in the initial stages of your fitness journey, this weekly planner is the perfect way to stay on track.
  2. Build Healthy Habits: Thanks to a custom habits tracker section, you can add even more habits into this planner and track them each week.
  3. Track Mental and Physical Health: Not only can you track your physical health, but also your mood and mental health using this planner.
  4. Atomic Habits: While making big changes in your life out of the blue can definitely be a challenge, making small changes day by day will help you reach your goals.
  5. Easy to Use and Understand: Since you get a fairly simple design, you can easily start using this planner by printing it on an A4 or a letter-sized page.


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