Frequently Asked Questions

Have you completed any type of Fitness & Nutrition Certifications ?

Yes, I am an International Sports Sciences Association – ISSA certified nutritionist and personal trainer. I also have internally accredited diplomas in gut health. More importantly, I have experience of helping over 3000 clients in the last 2.5 years.

What are the various healthcare issues that you work with?

With my customised diet and workout plans, I help people achieve their fitness goals, maintain their weight, gain muscle, be more fit and active, and more. These plans can be made according to lifestyle diseases like PCOS/PCOS, thyroidism, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and others.

What kind of nutritions do you prescribe ?

When making diets for any kind of fitness goals, my first priority is always to offer a whole nutrition diet. This ensures that you get all the nutrients that you need including both macronutrients and micronutrients on a  daily basis right from your food. So your diet will have the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, and everything else that your body needs.

How much weight can we lose or gain in 1 month ?

Even though your progress in terms of weight loss or weight gain depends a lot on how well you follow things, generally most people lose 2 to 3 KGs in a month with my calorie deficit diet plans. Similarly, you can expect to lose 2 to 3 KGs in a month with my calorie surplus diet plans.

Can we take a nutrition plan for Special Occasions?

Since we all want to look our best for special occasions, I do offer specific nutrition and diet plans for occasions. Some of such special occasion nutrition plans include wedding plans, navratri plans, ramadan plans, and many others.

How long does it take to see results from a fitness plan?

There are a lot of factors that determine your results and when you can start seeing them. It depends on factors like how well you follow the plan, your cheat meals, water intake, sleep cycle, and much more. Depending on these, you can start seeing changes in a few weeks with decent results at the end of the first month.

Do I need to follow a specific diet with my fitness plan?

Even if you have the perfect workout plan for your fitness needs, you can’t get the right results from the same without the right diet plan. It is highly important to have the right diet which offers whole nutrition with the perfect balance of macronutrients and micronutrients.

Do you provide a Home Workout plan as well ?

Since not everyone can go to the gym, I also offer personalised home workout plans tailored to your fitness goals and available equipment to help you achieve your fitness objectives in the comfort of your home. These home workout plans have video tutorials as well which makes them highly beginner friendly.

Do you provide customised diet plans ?

Absolutely, all of my diet plans and workout plans are highly personalised and customised according to your individual goals, dietary preferences, and nutritional needs to help you achieve optimal results with your fitness plan. Similarly, the workout plans are completely personalised and customised as well.

Do I need to take any supplements ?

As supplements are meant to add to your existing diet, I do not recommend the same from my side. My first priority is to offer a whole nutrition diet where you don’t need to take up any kind of supplements.

Can you provide Vegetarian Diet ?

Whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you can still be on a whole nutrition diet. With my vegetarian and vegan diets, you can be eating exactly as your preferences while achieving your fitness goals at the same time.

Can we eat anything during Fitness Journey ?

If you want to achieve the best results from your diet and workout, it is definitely advised to follow it strictly as much as possible. However, you can still eat a cheat meal once a week because a healthy lifestyle is more about keeping a balance.

Do you handle Nutrition & Fitness client’s globally ?

Yes I have catered to over 3000 clients around the globe till now. Since all of my diet and workout plans are easy to follow, they can be followed anywhere around the globe. I stay in touch with my clients throughout their fitness journey via online means which makes the perfect for you irrespective of your country of residence.

How Much Protein Should I Eat in a Day ?

If you workout regularly at the gym or at home, then you must know that having a good protein intake is highly important to gain muscle mass. Although, this depends on how intense your workouts are and the type of fitness goals you have. It is recommended to have 0.8g to 1.6g of protein per KG bodyweight in a day.